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Erik Karlsson Appears on Hockey Central

This afternoon on the Fan 590‘s Hockey Central with Doug MacLean and Darren Millard, Erik Karlsson hit the airwaves to campaign for a Norris Trophy. Below is a transcript of what was said, as always my comments are in bold. To listen to the interview, you can access it by following this link.


Q: Have you heard much on this hybrid icing rule that they’ve been talking about at the GM meetings?

EK: Yeah, I mean, I’ve heard talks about it. I’m not too involved though so I don’t really know how long it’s been going on or what stage it is at.

Judging by Karlsson’s answer, I don’t think this question registered to high on his give a shit metre.

Q: You’re not too affected by that rule though since you’re racing for icings in the other end of the rink most of the time.

EK: Maybe. Maybe. No, I mean, I think it’s a tough question to answer straight up – what’s going to be the best or not. I think more people are going to talk about it, I mean, more focus is going to be on every icing call.

Kidding or not. What a dickheaded question that panders to the open mouth breathing morons who will use any opportunity to heave excrement on Karlsson’s defensive game.

Q: Which would you prefer best? Would you prefer a race to the (end) boards or a race to the top of the circle to judge whether you win that race or not?

EK: It’s probably the ref’s call. Some icings are not close and some are a really hard race. It’s a tough line. I think the refs are really good in those split seconds in deciding whether it’s a close call or if it’s not. They’re really good in (determining) offsides so…

Q: Have you ever been injured in on a race to touch the puck on an icing call?

EK: No, I mean, I think the guys are aware of it. The guys are really good on knowing when to play the body or not. And in the icing type of situations they don’t, I mean, unfortunately sometimes it’s going to be an accident and I think it’s mostly because one of the guys is nervous going into the situation knowing that if he gets hit, it’s probably going to be a hard one. It’s tough to say, but I’ve never been (injured) in that situation, no.

The interview is almost half over and they haven’t moved on from some trivial hybrid icing rule changes…

Q: What’s more surprising or impressive to you: the fact that the Ottawa Senators are two points back of the division lead or that you have such a commanding lead of the defensive scoring leaderboard?

Colour me surprised that the line of questioning has finally changed.

A: A little bit of both maybe. I think a lot of my success has to do with the team success. I think this year we’ve been pretty solid all year long and kept scoring goals and playing some good hockey, it’s helped in my development a lot.

Q: You’ve developed an amazing chemistry with Jason Spezza. You’re the number one combination in the league for two players who have combined on each other’s goals. What is it about you two that have allowed you to click so well?

The transcript of MacLean’s question above isn’t entirely accurate. In reality, had I written out what MacLean actually stammered out, it would have been longer than George R.R. Martin’s A Dance of Dragon’s.

EK: We play pretty similar, I mean. We think the game very much alike and we like playing with each other. It’s a give-and-go game right now and I think if I can get involved, he’s going to get me the puck and I’m going to continue giving it to someone else or getting a good scoring chance. Every time we’re on the ice, we know where we have each other and (are) supporting (each other).


EK: (Makes fart noise with mouth).1

Q: What’s your take on the league possibly putting the red line back in?

EK: I never played with that kind of hockey, so I don’t really know how big a difference it would be. I’ve always played in the normal system – the system that is in place right now. I think when they changed it, it was a big change for everybody but I mean, everybody has adapted right now to playing without it. If they put it back, it’s probably going to take awhile and then eventually teams are going to figure out how to play with the red line to their advantage… and then we’ll be talking about this again.


Q: Who do you knock out of the box for the Norris Trophy conversation – Lidstrom, Chara, or Weber?

EK: I mean, it’s tough to say. Those guys have been in the league for such a long time. They’ve done some good things throughout their careers and they work hard to be where they’re at. This is really my first year where I’ve really contributed in the way that I’m doing right now. And it’s tough to say… it’s probably not up to me, so I’m not going to answer that question.

Even if Karlsson doesn’t win the Norris, the biggest farce will not be how he didn’t win. No, it will be how Alex Pietrangelo did not finish ahead of Lidstrom or Chara in the balloting.

Q: It seems like the Ottawa Senators are having a ton of fun out there?

EK: Yeah, I think to be successful, you have got to have fun. You have to come to the rink every day and enjoy yourself and love what you do. I think the coaches have been giving us a good opportunity to do what we want but still keep it within the lines and knowing when to do it and when not to. It’s every players dream to be able to do what they want to, especially skill guys. (Paul MacLean’s) been really letting us pull the strings sometimes and making plays, even though it doesn’t always work out all the time. As long as you work hard to make it back, it’s fine.

Q: How long into the season was it that you stopped giggling at MacLean’s moustache?

EK: I’m a big fan of moustaches. I’m probably going to have one of my own when I get older and grow a beard. Right now, I don’t have very much (facial hair) but my dad had one for a very long time and I support it.

Doug MacLean: You caused quite the stir in our household with your hair. My son had the hockey hair for his graduation and he got in a fight with his mother over whether or not he should cut it.

MacLean never really says why this is Karlsson’s fault. I’ll just assume it’s because EK’s flo looks good.

EK: I cut half of it off during Christmas here sometime. I’m improving. I mean, I’m getting married this summer, so I’ll see whether or not I have to cut it off.

Cue the sobs from the teenage girl sect of the fan base…


1 Okay, so he didn’t do this. He should have though.