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Eugene Melnyk Joins Twitter

So Eugene Melnyk has joined Twitter (@melnykeugene). The Ottawa Senators organization has confirmed Melnyk's presence on the social networking tool, but I won't believe it's truly him until Twitter's forensic investigators validate his presence themselves.

It's a great day for those who always looking forward to hearing what the Sens' unabashed owner has to say. And now that he has the freedom and access to a completely uncensored medium, he introduced himself to the Twittersphere by writing: 


How PG.

Now whether it's really him sending out tweets or some button pushing lackey whose existence and purpose it is to translate Euge's ramblings into some coherent and politically correct 140-characters or less blurbs, we'll never know…


Here are your top ten ways to validate whether it's really Eugene Melnyk operating his Twitter account: 

  1. His second Tweet is, "I must be the only person in the world who believes this is going to end well."
  2. He uses Twitter to aggressively push his nasal spray orgasm drug.
  3. He forgot to turn off his email notifications informing of his new Twitter followers and openly complains about this somehow being Matt Cooke's fault.
  4. CIT Financial Ltd keeps sending him tweets thanking him for repaying their clients.
  5. Alfie has blocked him.
  6. After every loss, he feels compelled to send pep tweets to his players.
  7. He keeps Tweeting @fadoobobcat asking when he can come back on his program.
  8. A #hotdogsareimportant hashtag starts trending in Ottawa.
  9. After every embarrassing interview he gives on the Fan 590, he tweets, "Remember the time I saved this franchise from bankruptcy and brought the Eagles to town?" 
  10. He keeps sending "You should have been a Senator" tweets to @GaryRobertsHPT.