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Filatov’s Agent Alludes to Client Going Back to Russia

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Dmitri Chesnokov (@dchesnokov):

Nikita Filatov’s Russian agent says Filatov is considering returning to Russia after another demotion to the minors by the .


Filatov’s agent tells RIAN the will have to make a decision whether to allow Filatov to return to Russia to join ‘s CSKA.

While interesting, Russian news agencies have shown a tendency to sensationalize stories in the past and are as reliable as a condom that has a hole in it. In other words, that everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, this won’t stop the xenophobic open-mouth breathing sect of the fan base from rolling their eyes, cursing that effing Russkie and labelling him as a quitter.

What we do know is this: Filatov practiced in Binghamton this morning and he’s under contract with the Senators. CSKA may own Filatov’s KHL rights and they will unquestionably have some desire to get him back on their roster but until Filatov negotiates a release with the Sens, any discussion of him returning to the KHL is premature.

Over at Filatov’s Formspring page, he addessed the article itself, stating “chto imenno ? ))) v kylyarax armeiskogo klyba interesnaia informaciya )))))”.

A Google Translation of his Formspring page couldn’t put it into English for me but it’s worth mentioning that one of his followers did ask whether or not he’s ever felt silicone breasts before.

Thank you internet.

Via Twitter, Joy Lindsay helped provide some clarity to the report by tweeting that Nikita Filatov said he can’t talk about #KHL rumors. “No reason,” he said. “Just rumors.”

Update: 7:00 pm

Bryan Murray has addressed the Filatov situation to a horde of local reporters in Edmonton. According to Bruce Garrioch, Bryan Murray told reporters Wednesday at Rexall Place that the talented winger has informed the organization he wants to return to Russia, but he’s got a contract here and the club isn’t willing to let go.

“He has some concern about playing in Binghamton. He wants to be in the NHL. There are some options for him in the KHL, the Central Red Army. He has a contract and an obligation to our organization.

Basically, that’s what I told him.”

Bryan Murray was making the rounds today. He appeared on this afternoon’s Prime Time Sports to talk with Jeff Blair and Damien Cox. While the bulk of interview was devoted to Paul MacLean and the current state of the organization, eventually the topic of Filatov was broached. I’ve transcribed this portion of the interview below, if you want to listen to the whole thing, click here.

Q: What is the next step was in the Filatov situation:

A: “Well, the next step is for him to play better. We made a minor deal at the draft because of the number of picks that we had to take a chance (on him). We think this young man has the potential to be a NHL player. He certainly has the offensive skills to play in the NHL. We’ve asked him to commit himself to doing a little more work – as far as playing defense and battling a little more often. His salary in the minors is quite a bit different than it is in the majors and it appears that there’s a Red Army team in Russia that is interested in getting him back there and offering him considerably more money. I’ve had a long conversation with Nikita. I’ve asked him to wait a little bit and play a little bit more in the minors. If we don’t then give him a chance to come back to the NHL, then I will consider something different. For the moment, he belongs to us and we want him to continue to play in Binghamton and see if we can end up with a player or not.

Q: When they’re offering him more money, it’s tough to make him stay in North America, isn’t it?

A: Yeah, if he’s not going to play in the NHL at some point this year, I’ll probably consider something different. I’ve had a number of players and in my conversations with some of the veteran Russian guys who go back there, I’ve said, ‘Canadian kids go to the minors and develop, the good Russian players that can step in and play here… some of them don’t want to go to the minors.’ I somewhat understand but for some certain level of players, it takes a little longer to make it. I think Filatov has a chance to make it but he has to commit himself to doing that. So I’m a little reluctant to give in at the moment but I guess if it’s about money and being a ‘good guy’… at some point, I’ll be a ‘good guy’. I don’t want to be right now though.

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