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Habs May Deal PK Subban And A Conversation Ensues

From Bob McKenzie via TSN990:

“At some point the notion of trading PK Subban is something that I think the Montreal Canadiens may decide to deal with.”

So why would I care that a rebuilding Northeast Division rival’s rookie GM is possibly on the verge of trading it’s most marketable, young first pairing defenceman? And did I neglect to mention the future consequences of potentially irking said player’s best friend, who also happens to be the franchise goalie?

Because silly, mediocrity is hilarious.

And this news will probably culminate with Bryan Murray and Eugene Melnyk having the following conversation:

Eugene Melnyk: “Hey Bry, hold on a second…” *puts call on hold and The Troggs’ ‘With A Girl Like You’ starts playing

Bryan Murray: *starts humming*

One minute elapses…

Bryan Murray: “Baby baby is there no chance. I can take you for the last dance. All night long yeah. I’ve been waiting. Now there’ll be no hesitating. So before this dance has reached the end. Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba. To you across the floor, my love I’ll send… Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba…”

Eugene Melnyk: “Okay, I’m back. You will never believe what just happened during tonight’s Leaflet broadcast.”

Bryan Murray: “… A James Reimer save?”

Eugene Melnyk: “Who? What? No, guess again.”

Bryan Murray: “Well, it couldn’t have been a Leafs prospect that has panned out. I give up. What’d you see?”

Eugene Melnyk: “Hold onto your chair and buckle your seatbelt, Bryan. PK Subban.”

Bryan Murray: “… is doing TV for TSN now? I thought he was an analyst for Sportsnet?”

Eugene Melnyk: “Better. Bob McKenzie believes the Subban/Montreal situation may end in a trade.”

Bryan Murray: “Well, that’s great for us. It should certainly make the Habs worse.”

Eugene Melnyk: “Get him.”

Bryan Murray: “What?”

Eugene Melnyk: “Get. Him.”

Bryan Murray: “What? Why? No.”

Eugene Melnyk: “But I want him! You have to get him Bryan. Remember the last time a GM ignored my pleas to bring in a player?”

Bryan Murray: (silence)

Eugene Melnyk: *whispers* “Gary Roberts, Bryan. Gary Roberts.”

Bryan Murray: (more silence)

Eugene Melnyk: “GARY ROBERTS!!! You want to get Mucklered Bryan? I will Muckler you up.”

Bryan Murray: “Okay, okay. I’ll call Marc.”

Eugene Melnyk: “Good. Because I have an E-card to finish…”

“Come home PK.” ~ signed, The Euge