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Heatley Sues Former Representative

We’re steadfastly approaching the three year anniversary of the day that Dany Heatley was dealt but thanks to his expected regression and the fact that he’s gone from playing on a Stanley Cup contender to being a secondary scorer on the Minnesota Wild, our interest and anger towards the former 50-goal scorer has waned faster than Heatley’s production. 

I mean, at this time, pointing out that Dany Heatley is suing his former representative just seems like piling on. Maybe some fans out there will find humor and share laughs over the fact he:

“…alleges that his former agent and business adviser, Stacey McAlpine, as well as McAlpine’s parents, Gerald and Eugenia, lured him into several real-estate ventures across Canada and the United States with promises of huge returns that never materialized. The lawsuit, filed last week in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary, also alleges that Heatley’s former agent dipped into his bank accounts and made unauthorized withdrawals of more than $4-million.”

Poor Dany, he just can’t escape diminishing roles, production and investments.

I’m sure somewhere out there, Eugene Melnyk is feeling completely empathetic for the winger. He, if anyone, knows that there’s nothing quite like making a large investment and seeing said investment, say a six-year, $45 million one, go south quickly.

Now Melnyk also knows that there’s often a light at the end of that tunnel. Just because an investment doesn’t net a huge return right away, there should always be hope that the return, say Milan Michalek and Jonathan Cheechoo and a second round pick, can leave an entity in a better spot than it was originally in.