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Senators Heritage Sweater Leaks (this time in photographic colour!)

As you'd expect Chris from Icethetics has the scoop:

"Finally, I have photos of unreleased jerseys that I'm able to share with you. A reader wrote in today to tell us that the Buffalo Sabres' team store at the First Niagara Center (formerly HSBC Arena) is already selling Premier version of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs forthcoming jerseys.

And as previously reported here, you can see it bears bilingual shoulder patches. A recent photo released by the team had us questioning whether that would actually be the case."

The off-white also looks be of a little lighter shade than the most recent leak, although that could just be the photo. I'm guessing this is a replica as well since the crest and shoulder patches don't appear to be raised too much if at all, again could just be the camera.

In any case I'll be buying one. What does everyone else think?

Nichols' Take:

First Scarlett Johansson, now the 'heritage' sweater. What a week for internet leaks.

For what has been a well orchestrated effort to build up and maintain the suspense regarding the new jersey, I'm certainly empathetic towards the Senators' marketing department now that this sweater has leaked. Despite their best efforts to keep the jersey under wraps until its 'official' reveal at the October 1st Puck Drop event, it has to be a blow to learn that the jersey was leaked not by a third party employee but by an employee of the North East Division rival Sabres.

Frankly, I can't wait to see how The Euge responds. I know his "moving Scotiabank Place to heaven" joke didn't go over well during his interview on PTS with Bob McCown but Buffalo's an easy target. Even he should be more than capable of tearing that cesspool of a city a new one.

Have at it Eugene and please feel free to support any endeavour that brings an NHL team to Hamilton and cuts into Buffalo's market share.