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Hockey Central Panel Fuels Rumours On Senators Finances

On yesterday’s Hockey Central broadcast on The Fan 590, failed GM analyst Doug MacLean said, “The Ottawa Senators, rumo(ur) is, that they lost $14 million last year. So what’s their payroll down this year from last? $14 million. I mean, eventually you have to get your business in order. All of a sudden, Ottawa is in a rebuilding. Why are they in a rebuilding? Well, because they had to drop their payroll by $14 million so that they don’t lose a fortune…

For the record, Capgeek.com estimated that the Senators payroll last season was approximately $56,364,378. That’s a pretty hefty accumulated sum that approached the NHL’s cap ceiling of $59.4 million. So while MacLean is correct in asserting that Ottawa has trimmed their payroll during this ‘rebuild’, it’s not as significant as he’d lead you to believe. Ottawa’s current payroll is listed at $51,845,834. Keeping in mind that not everyone listed on Capgeek’s roster will crack the opening day lineup, a player with a relatively high cap hit like Stephane Da Costa may start the season in Binghamton. In any case, barring some significant change, the Senators will likely have payroll savings of $4 to $6 million.

In other words, nice math MacLean.

Thankfully Kypreos had the wherewithal to interject, but even that moment of bliss was shortlived. (I know it’s my fault. It’s Kypreos. I should have known better.) “And rumblings whether or not Eugene Melnyk might be in it for the long run too.” Kypreos chimed in.


How ridiculous is it for these two to speculate and suggest that because the hockey organization may be losing money and is in the process of a rebuild that it immediately equates to a fly by night owner. While it may be true that the Senators organization lost money, without knowing how much money Ottawa Sports and Entertainment made or lost last season, it’s irresponsible to fan the flames.

It’s the kind of out-of-town conjecture that plays itself to the TO market.

To hear the full Hockey Central episode (note: discussion turns to the Senators at the 12:30 mark), you can listen below: