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If You Like It Better Put a Cup Ring On It

This afternoon @mixmastermatt unearthed a video filmed in 2010 that features members of the Cornell men's basketball and hockey teams dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

The video was done to create awareness for Cornell's Duff Ball – a fundraising event that directs all proceeds to the United Way. 

Jeff Foote, Ryan Wittman and Louis Dale represented Cornell basketball while Brendon Nash, Joe Scali and the Ottawa Senators' own Colin Greening were the hockey players who participated in the video. 

And now we get a little insight into how Greening almost had a 4.0 GPA. If he put this much effort into learning the choreography, it's pretty easy envisioning him burning the midnight oil in in the library. 

I hope Greening starts doing this every time he walks into a room.