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JOB Memories

The Senators waived Jim O'Brien today. Hardly a shocker.

This marks only the third time I can remember the Senators under Bryan Murray waiving a one-way contract. The other occasions being Martin Gerber (who was claimed by the Leafs) and Jonathan Cheechoo (who was an awful hockey player at the time and passed through en route to a buyout).

Jim O'Brien isn't an awful hockey player, he is pretty much the definition of "replaceable player" though. That he was the Sens leading active goal scorer as late as March 5th was something of a minor miracle. A month later he was essentially blacklisted from the team. FORGET ALFIE, WHEN WILL WE GET THE REAL JIM O'BRIEN STORY!!!1

At times he's looked good in preseason, the Ottawa Citizen had a piece Tuesday titled, "Jim O'Brien stakes his claim to roster spot on Senators".

But it wasn't enough.

Now all we have are these memories (I could only think of four)…

February 12, 2011 – Why is this game memorable? It was the Toilet Bowl, and it was broadcast on Hockey Night In Canada. The much hyped showdown between the 30th place Oilers and your 29th place Senators. We the fans hoped Brian Elliott's franchise record 13 game losing streak would continue. Unfortunately the Senators won 5-3, and never really got any closer to last place. This wasn't JOB's first game in the league, and he didn't really figure into the outcome, only 5:42 of TOI, no shots, no points. But he did taking a holding penalty, which treated us to a nice tight shot of his wonderful flow.

February 15, 2012 – That game vs the Panthers filmed on a toaster. JOB scores his first NHL goal on a beauty wraparound, followed by a seamless windmill celly. Nice.

April 19, 2012 – One of the bigger goals in Senators history and to boot aesthetically it looked fantastic. JOB plays an understated role driving through the neutral zone with speed, pushing the defence back before dropping for Turris. Bar down.

February 28, 2013 – After scoring a power-play goal to tie the game at one, JOB gets probably his only interview ever at the intermission. He seems nonplussed when asked what it feels like to now be the Senators leading active goal scorer, and quickly pivots to put the focus back on the team. What a good guy.

So long JOB.