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Senate Reform – Leaking Company Secrets?

Now I may have not have ever done any video production in my life but I’ve never leaked any company secrets either. If you pause the Senate Reform video at its 1 minute and 27 second mark, you can freeze the image and catch a glimpse of what appears to be Ottawa’s top 5 ranking of the Western Hockey League prospects.

Adorning the top of the list is obviously Ryan Nugent-Hopkins but the rest of the names are more difficult to decipher. Cross referencing them with the rankings of a third party publication like Hockey Prospectus‘ list, it becomes a bit easier:

  • The second name on the list ends with an HI – Sven Baertschi, LW for Portland
  • The third name on the list looks like it ends with NS – Duncan Siemens, D for Saskatoon
  • The fourth name on the list ends in a double – L – Mark McNeill, C for Prince Albert
  • And the last name on the list looks like it ends ROW – Joe Morrow, D for Portland

*** Hat tip to Hfboards user PKC for the find.