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Leclaire Starts…
In a media scrum this morning following Ottawa’s on-ice practice, Cory Clouston announced that Pascal Leclaire would start in nets for tonight’s game versus the Carolina Hurricanes. Give your head a shake if you think the start of Ottawa’s season doesn’t matter. To reaffirm the point that Ottawa can ill afford to let early season points slip by, Clouston admitted that if Leclaire played well again tonight, he wouldn’t hesitate to go to him again on Saturday night when the Senators play Montreal. It’s interesting to notice the change in stance since Clouston told the media yesterday that Brian Elliott would get into one of the next two games. Like Andy Pettitte testifying to congress, I guess Clouston must have misremembered.

Bruce Garrioch made a great point over on Off the Posts, Elliott’s been one of Ottawa’s best players. How can you afford to take that guy out of the lineup who’s contributing when there are other individuals on the roster who aren’t pulling their weight?

I don’t think you can understate the importance of tonight’s game. Currently sitting with a 0-2-1 record, tonight’s match is a game that Ottawa can ill afford to lose. Albeit, it’s far too early to push the panic buttons, however, Ottawa needs to start accumulating points. I don’t think they’ll be the difference in Ottawa making the playoffs or not but they’re invaluable for determining which playoff seed Ottawa will get. Considering there are only a small number of elite teams in the Eastern Conference, a few points can mean the difference in facing a Buffalo or a Washington.

The Orr / Engellend Fight

As a Senators fan who has watched Orr decimate Matt Carkner in a number of bouts, why wouldn’t I take any satisfaction in watching Derek Engellend KO the Leafs pugilist?

Speaking of Matt Carkner. Thanks to Marc A. for sending us an email that included this photo. It will assuredly be our email of the day.

Carrie Underwood Makes Pregnancy Pact

According to Country Weekly, Carrie has made a pregnancy pact with her friends. Although she doesn’t plan on having kids soon, she said, “I made a pregnancy pact with a few of my female friends. Me and a few female friends are going to try to have children around the same time. That way we can babysit each other’s kids and they can grow up to be friends.”

Isn’t it fantastic news for Sens fans that we now have a new voice who can stress the urgency of hitting the net?