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Robin Lehner Gets Yanked.. Around

So after allowing his fourth goal to the Detroit Red Wings, Robin Lehner was given the (merciful) hook by Cory Clouston. It was a decision that wasn't well received by the faithful who were in attendance for last night.

“I wanted to create some momentum for us,” said Clouston. “(Lehner’s) a young guy and we wanted to make sure we were protecting him as well. We got the goal we wanted, we got the momentum back on our side.

“He’s a confident guy. He’s all right. I’d much rather do that than have him in there and give up two or three more goals. It wasn’t based on anything other than to break up momentum.” ~ Via the Ottawa Sun

Umm, contra-fucking-dictory much Cory?

If this is really about protecting Lehner, regardless of his decent performance against the Devils the night before, why start him in back-to-back games? And why bother exposing him to the NHL's fifth-best team? And most importantly, if you're going to pull him because you risk exposing him to a bad situation, why is he up here in the first place?