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Lockout Effects: Silfverberg to Binghamton?

Better brush up on those “Oh-ah Silfverberg” chants Binghamton because it looks like the Swedish Elite League’s Most Valuable Player could be making some appearances at the Broome County Arena near you. 

Per Jonatan Lindquistik:

News that Silfverberg is open to the possibility of playing in Binghamton during a lockout is hardly suprising. As one of the few Senators players who is expected to compete (and win) a roster spot while still being on an entry-level contract (note: Cowen and Zibanejad being the others on ELC), Silfverberg will probably want to play and adjust to the North American game; even if it means going to helvete and back.

While a lockout will be a negative experience for Sens fans, from a development standpoint, it could be very positive for the B-Sens. Despite the incredibly unlikely odds that Jakob would not play anywhere in the event of a lockout, at least by playing in Binghamton it should alleviate concerns about his adjustment to the North American game.