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Melnyk Allegedly Punched Hole In Wall At ACC

In his recently released memoir entitled Dream Job: My wild ride on the corporate side with the Leafs, the Raptors and TFC (Amazon), Richard Peddie, the former Chief Executive of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment offers readers an opportunity to get some insight into the operations and inner workings of MLSE. 

Sean Fitzgerald, a sportswriter for the National Post, had a chance to read the published work writing that it "offers a glimpse behind the business story at MLSE. It becomes a hybrid: part business manual and part sports book, with just a dash of kiss-and-tell."

Funny enough, part of that kiss-and-tell includes a mention of an alleged incident involving Senators owner Eugene Melnyk.

Peddie also writes of a time after the Ottawa Senators lost a playoff series to the Leafs — Toronto beat Ottawa in four series, between 2000 and 2004 — and the team’s owner was allegedly upset. Peddie claims Senators owner Eugene Melnyk was so upset, in fact, that he “punched a hole in the wall of the visitors’ dressing room” at Air Canada Centre.

The Leafs did not bill the Senators for the damage, according to Peddie.