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Michalek Out: From What? We’re Not Sure

Unlike a swerve from an M. Night Shyamalan film, today’s revelation that Milan Michalek had torn an abdominal muscle truly shocked me. 

Not only did it defy conventional wisdom that indicates that he only gets hurt during the regular season, the accompanying reports that he’ll be out for four-to-six weeks were puzzling.

I mean, isn’t every NHL player out for at least the next four-to-six weeks?

Thanks to the lockout and the unlikelihood that the NHL will reach a deal with the PA in the bargaining process during this period, the timing of the injury isn’t that concerning.

Unless you’re Eugene Melnyk that is.

According to Bruce Garrioch, the Senators winger is allowed to go the rink every day and get treatment for his injury. He can also use the facilities to work out. It’s believed he is the only Ottawa player allowed in the rink

Under the current rules of the CBA, Michalek, who allegedly had corrective surgery performed in Philadelphia, will continue to collect the $4.75-million salary — in real dollars, his actual cap hit is $4.33-million — if he is still injured by the time the season is supposed to begin. Those payments will cease once Michalek has actually been cleared to play. 

In other words, team dinner’s will be on Milan for the foreseeable future.


Leeder Speaks

At 1:30 pm this afternoon, Senators President Cyril Leeder addressed the media and discussed how the organization has been affected by the lockout.