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Michalek Kneeds a Second Opinion

After tweaking his knee during the February 13th pregame skate in Pittsburgh, Milan Michalek is allegedly going to get a second opinion to determine whether or not surgery is needed. The winger has already missed three games because of the injury, but for what it’s worth, the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch writes that the Senators do not expect Michalek to be out for long, should he elect to have surgery.

With the way that this season is spiralling out control, I can’t say I’m shocked.

It’s starting to feel like the Senators representatives from the 2012 NHL All-Star Game are now victims from one of those Final Destination movies. One by one, they’re methodically being taken out by some higher power. It’s like the hockey gods are punishing us for stuffing the ballot box last season. (As an aside, dear Sergei Gonchar, about you being the only Senator on the ballot to not get enough votes to get into last year’s game, you’re welcome.)

Oddly enough, for whatever reason, all of these injuries have some connection to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jason Spezza’s last game before having lower back surgery?

It came against Pittsburgh.

Penguins forward Matt Cooke shredded Erik Karlsson’s Achilles tendon with his left skate blade.

And now this…

Here’s hoping that Alfie plays that Monday, April 22nd game wearing bubble wrap.

Which knee is bothering Michalek has not been disclosed but this type of injury is nothing new for him. He missed four games late in November of 2010 with a left knee injury – the same knee that he tore his ACL in during the 2010 playoffs against the, you guessed it, Pittsburgh Penguins. Going back further, Michalek missed 46 games during the 2003/04 season because of a torn ligament in his right knee.

For a team that is struggling to put pucks in the net, the organization and my eyes need to see Michalek back and scoring goals soon.

Injury Lists

CBSSports.com may have some fantastic fantasy sports pool options, but they're not exactly the most up-to-date when it comes to updating us on the status of injured Sens players. In fairness, he was hurt so often, it probably became accepted company policy for staff to leave Leclaire on this list. (Stick tap to a reader named Dave for the catch.)