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More Orr!

How can we resist? And with no time wasted, here are some more possible explanations for Colton Orr’s three finger salute into the super hockey unknown.

1. The number of times he has cried while watching “Twilight”.
2. His degrees of separation from Air Bud, golden receiver.
3. The number of resumes he has already submitted to Jerry Springer in hopes of becoming a T.V. bouncer post NHL.
4. The number of players he had to ask before he finally found one who would tie his skates.
5. The number of times Tie Domi has told him to stop wearing his number.
6. The number of Bud Light Limes he could totally chug before you could have even one.
7. The number of times he has benched himself indefinitely on his fantasy hockey team.
8. The number of hours spent watching Nickelodeon before a game.
9. The number of Nazareth cover bands he has attempted to start up.
10. The number of times he practiced that move in front of a mirror to make sure he got it right.