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More Turris News

According to Nicolas St. Pierre (via James Gordon), Ottawa serait très intéressé a l’attaquant des Coyotes, Kyle Turris, et Pierre Dorion qui était a Phoenix dernièrement, très intéressant…

In other words, “Ottawa would be very interested in the Coyotes, Kyle Turris, and Pierre Dorion was in Phoenix recently, very interesting …

Damn right that’s interesting but you’re probably wondering who Nicolas St. Pierre is.

His Twitter bio states that he’s the Descripteur des matchs des Sénateurs d’Ottawa à CKOI, 104,7 Animateur des Amateurs de sport Outaouais.

Good to know. Now let’s get back to the more pertinent issue: Why was the Senators director of player personnel in Phoenix recently?

Was he having some face-to-face discussions with the Phoenix Coyotes? Was he there to scout auxiliary players who could find themselves part of some multiplayer trade? Or was he simply in Phoenix looking for a gated community that Eugene Melnyk can retire to?

The public demands to know!

Fortunately, Dorion will be making an appearance on CKOI 104.7 at 6pm tonight. So stay tuned for that…