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Murray Talks Stanley Cup, Does Not Use Word “Hoard”

Yesterday afternoon the GM spoke to an assembled audience at the Kanata Sports Club, the transcript of which we don't have, but there is this one solitary tweet to build a post around!

Assuming this paraphrase is accurate…

Some will question the hubris of a statement like this, especially coming from an organization that hasn't won a playoff round in five plus years.

On the other hand, opposite Gene's infamous treatise, it looks downright sensible:

"To a fan, hockey is a great but sometimes brutal game – and only one of 30 cities is going to be feeling great by this time next month. But while you're barbecuing this summer and speculating on next season, I want you to thnk about this:

I firmly believe the Ottawa Senators will not only win the Stanley Cup, but we will build a team with the talent and drive to hoard that Cup year after year in the playoffs. I guarantee that you have never seen the level of determination that is about to go into putting together our 2006-07 season. And I guarantee that I will not rest until Ottawa becomes the hockey Mecca of the NHL."

Still holds up.