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New Feature
As a blogger, I’ve never been much of a fan for writing post game pieces because you guys have all watched the game(s) and don’t need to be told that  player A scored or that player B did or didn’t play well. Besides, most of you already objectify what you watch by referring to the game boxscore. Besides, the Associated Press write their recaps so much more concisely than I could ever aspire to.
So, in an effort to create a recurring feature and help promote some creative comments and discussion, I want to try something else. Following each game, Tim or I will post a post-game haiku poem to recap a game using the 5-7-5 syllabic rule for haikus. In the comment thread for each piece, I want you – the reader – to post your own haiku recapping the game.
Here’s an example of the Bruins recap:
Thomas’ streak done.
Tied for 5th place in the East.
Alfie 3 goals. Tits.