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Ottawa Media Slights Alexei Kovalev

It was only a matter of time before the traditional media responded to yesterday’s hilarious criticisms from one Alexei Kovalev. I’m disappointed that not one journalist has played off of Kovalev’s infamous of scapegoat interview and asked Alexei to “stop picking their brain and just let me write.”

Alas, here’s a sample of what’s been written in the past 24 hours.

From Wayne Scanlan…

Admit it Ottawa media. We are a beer-smuggling, non-hockey-watching lot. And still ,we work harder on game nights than Alex Kovalev. ~ @HockeyScanner

From Steve Lloyd…

In honour of Alex Kovalev I guess I’m off to Massena so I can hit duty free coming back. Gotta get primed for tomrw’s show. ~ @Steve_Lloyd

From Scott MacArthur…

Kovalev didn’t address media on day of trade to Pitt or morning of his return game to Ott..


He could have kicked the crap out of his targets to their faces but chose not to. ~ @TSNScottyMac

In today’s Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch wrote the following…

  • Selfish underachieving winger
  • Kovalev has left many a GM needing a drink after watching him perform
  • Nobody is sure if they ever found a pulse when Kovalev — armed with a two-year, $10-million contract he signed with the Senators in July 2009 — did his medical testing at the start of the season, but that’s a story for another day.
  • The overpaid winger
  • Two more years than anybody in the NHL would give him and that’s why Kovalev will likely never be seen or heard from in North America again.
  • Headline: ‘Kovalev serves up vintage whine’

From James Gordon…

Kovalev trashed the media on the way out, Chris Kelly thanked it for giving him a fair shake. Even beer-soaked hacks can tell who tries. ~ @SensReporter

From Ian Mendes…

I went to return my empties at The Beer Store today and saw every other member of the Ottawa media there. Really awkward. ~ @ian_mendes