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Pierre Dorion on the Radio Discussing Turris and Pageau

Thanks to our friend Matt for translating Pierre Dorion’s appearance on 104.7 CKOI this afternoon. (As an aside, I highly recommend giving him a follow on Twitter @MathieuGauthier.)

They lead with the Turris story…

He says he’s very interested like many teams. Bryan spoke to Don Maloney, and Don said he would never trade him, and he wanted to sign him. This was a few weeks ago. What Pierre knows from Bryan, it’s a story that won’t be going forward.

Q: Maloney says he won’t trade him unsigned. Does this open the door for a trade?

A: He wasn’t in Phoenix for Turris, he saw a bunch of teams, and it was only a random occurence. All they can do is wait for them to sign him. Turris is not a first line player, and he won’t come and save a team, We have to be careful talking about a guy who is not a superstar.

Q: What would the cost be for Turris?

A: It’s tough to say, Don has not had any conversations about Price, because he’s not trading him. Until they get told otherwise, the keep it as a dead story. They think Turris would help the team, and if he’s not too expensive, he could help.

Then they spoke about the Olympiques game…

Q: What do they look for in Jean-Gabriel Pageau?

A: Is he able to maintain his level of energy shift by shift, will he have puck possession, compete, and dominate the game. Will he compete on 1 on 1 battles? They thought his passing ability was incredible and featured many hard crisp passes on the tape. 

Q: Is he ready to be in the NHL? Will we seem him in the NHL next year?

A: He has a lot of work to do, if he was 6’2, he would play. But because he’s small, he prolly won,t play any games next year.