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Puck Drop and Heritage Jersey Release Photo Diary

I attended the Puck Drop event today where the new Ottawa Senators heritage jerseys were available for sale as well as a used equipment sale and open practice. I brought my camera along for the ride so I could share the day with readers who couldn’t make it out to the event. It was really well orchestrated and the public seems to be really into these jerseys. I heard nothing but positive things from everyone I spoke with. If you were on the fence about these jerseys before you’ll be a believer when you see them on the shelf. In my opinion the NHL has a new best jersey. These things are nothing short of stellar. Not only do they look great on the a fan, but they look outstanding on the ice. No more talk, just a bunch of photos! Enjoy.

Made it to the rink around 9a.m. Yes, I was one of those fools who lined up outside the used equipment tent thinking it had something to do with the pre-release festivities. Instead I just froze in line. Listened in on two guys discussing what a bargain the used socks were. I always thought socks and underwear were two items that had one life cycle. Apparently not. After seeing a number of people come to the realization there was nothing in the tent but old gear, I followed their lead. I sheepishly made my way inside the rink and heard a few jokes as I walked past the line. This gem was my favourite, “Sure sucks waiting in line to find and then finding out you didn’t have to.” Thanks fellow Senators fan, for giving me an exact running commentary of what was going on in my head. On we go.

Some banners outside of SBP. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember these being here last year.

Saw this dude walking down the road as we drove in. I really thought he was wearing Crocs. I’m not sure why this guy was at Puck Drop since there’s no need for a new jersey when you’re rocking a flamboyant toga like that. That takes a lot of courage and earns my nod as The Fan of the Foyer.

These guys were just hanging out in the foyer being photographed. Were they fans or hired by the Senators? Your guess is as good as mine. My brother says to me, “Why is there an SS officer with those Star Wars guys?” Good question.

I had my cans of food for The Food Bank all ready to go this morning but in the rush to get out of the house on time I forgot them. A cash donation was made instead. Couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of two employees having a snack right in front of the food bank drop-off. The optics couldn’t be any worse.

The crowd builds inside SBP. See anyone you know? Bonus points for spotting SensChirp and Eklund.

The Sens Store on the main floor carefully concealed. oddly enough, the 2nd floor Sens Store had the jerseys on a rack in plain view from the main entrance. Not like the visual of these was a surprise or anything. Still good to go through the motions I guess.

As soon as we were allowed to go upstairs and make our way to the stands the Sens Store upstairs mistakenly opened it’s doors. I quickly grabbed a shot of what the complete uniform will look like. Not a huge fan of the O on the shorts but whatever. Minor detail. I’ll be too busy drooling over the jersey to care.

After a video montage with Stuntman Stu discussing Nick Foligno’s body odour with several players, the Senators unveiled the jersey. Alfie was the first to skate on the ice wearing the uniform. The legend stands alone.

A few more Senators join him.

The loudest cheer of the day had to be when the players tossed t-shirts into the crowd. Honestly, nothing revs up a crowd like the potential for objects being launched in their general direction.


This is where season ticket holders picked up their jerseys. Since I am not a season ticket holder and opted to pre-order a jersey, I had to go to a different location to receive mind. This was incredibly well set up and we received our jerseys as soon as Alfie took to the ice. Very well organized and absolutely no complaints about the process. Good job Sens Store employees.

The pre-order container.

I call this man lingerie cause it’s just so damn sexy.

The scarf.

The bald man’s winter equalizer. Yes, I’m allowed to make bald jokes.

Anniversary patch.

Neat little information pamphlet explaining the jersey. Great that they did this even though they could have just written, “BECAUSE IT LOOKS AMAZING.”

A guy came up to me as I was making my way out to ask about the jersey. He had just arrived and wanted to know where he could get one. I told him he wouldn’t be able to take three steps without bumping into one. They were everywhere. These jerseys are going to single handedly improve Ottawa’s standings in the next GQ rankings of the worst dressed cities.


Made my way into the Sens Store after to check out the new merch. Here’s the lettering and numbering for the jerseys.

Stuffed toy monkeys rocking the new jerseys. I guess chew toys for dogs take priority over making a legitimately cool heritage New Era hat. Wonder how many of these will still be hanging from the same spot on the shelves at the end of the year?

All-Star game teddy bears. For the dog who prefers a chew toy without regional affiliation.


They had it so close on this t-shirt. Then that damn little spartan logo decided to show it’s head. This shirt would have been exponentially better if there was no logo or the original 1991 logo. Almost bought it but it stayed on the shelf for that very reason.

New player jersey t-shirts. These things are awesome. Everyone I went with picked one up. Good job to everyone involved in this.

Here are the player jersey t-shirts that are available. The Aflie shirt does have the ‘C’ on the chest.

Senators breathe mints. Just in case your breathe stinks as bad as the Sens.

All-Star game jerseys from the previous season on display at the main level store. Also seen here is a heritage cap that falls into the ‘So close yet so far away’ category. Shame.

All-Star poster (mural? visual 2D installment of large scale?) featuring Karlsson at the 100 level entrance. Very nicely done.

Western Conference featured on the opposite side.

Practice begins.

Not sure if you can see clearly but there is a Bell logo on the chest on the red jerseys. It’s happening!

Spartacat gets a makeover. Also looks like he’s lost weight. Anyone know the story on this? I guess horizontal stripes can be slimming after all.

Took off and went to check out the used equipment sale outside. Best part of the sale was the jersey nameplates. Check out these gems. Radek Hamr kicks it off.

Speedy Steve Martins!

Mathieu Chouinard.

Could this really be…Jody Hull? This day just keeps getting better.

Patrick Traverse.

Jani Hurme. This would have come home with me if I could have thought of a single practical use for it.


Jaroslav Modry.

Bruce Gardiner. I swear this guy fell every shift.


Mark Stone? Already?

Jamie Baker.

I tossed this one across the table to my brother. I told him it wasn’t a nameplate but a slap in the face.


Frank Musil. Awesome.

Goalie Pads. $750. Love the barber pole pads in the background. They look super sharp in person.


Haven’t put on a hockey blocker since my road hockey days. Surprised at how little protection there is around the palm of the hand. Also, these things are hard as rocks. Couldn’t imagine being punched by a goalie wearing one.


The socks those guys in line were so excited for. Some have seen better days and those were only the ones on top. You couldn’t pay me enough to root through these to find the right size or a pair in good condition. Still think this is gross. Bet the guys who buy these have collections of celebrity hair too.


Now these are a pair of hockey pants. Always thought this was a very underrated secondary logo.


Bunch of glove=s. Based on the Stuntman Stu interviews, I can only assume they all stink like Nick Foligno’s stone cold hands.


$150 skates. After making my way over from the gloves, I realized why they held this sale outside. This stuff just smelled like the frat house carpet from Animal House.


Some used sticks for sale. Had to be really careful around the Leclaire. We were really worried if we touched the stick it would have snapped in half or given us a strange dark curse.

Matt Carkner sticks for sale. Good condition, never touched a puck but has been dropped on the ice countless times.


Good things come to those who wait. On the way out I happened to see this jersey. Sensquatch has been spotted. The legend begins.