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Can I Get a Re-Tweet?

With a roster that’s largely comprised of relatively young unknowns, I used to think that it would be prudent for the Senators to use Twitter as a marketing/promotional tool that could introduce these players to the public and give the fans an opportunity to get to know them and associate with them on some broader level.

Unfortunately the social networking tool is not without a few negative tradeoffs that have given me grounds to revisit my original stance…

Sporadic is the word that best characterizes the accounts of more than a few particular players. For others, their messages are bland and demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to engage or respond to their fans in an entertaining way. And then there’s the most recent fad that involves players re-tweeting (RT) the messages of the fans that pull at the heartstrings of their favourite players in hopes that their message will be read and re-tweeted. Naturally, the phenomenon is made systemically worse when the successful re-tweets only encourage others to try and get in on the RT action.

Yesterday it got so bad that I sarcastically tweeted, “So my dog has leprosy and can no longer walk to the vet on her own, can I get a RT?”

It was at that time that I had an epiphany – why not create a list of cynical tweets that could be sent to the real Twitter accounts of the NHL community? Collaborating with Tim, we used Joe Yerdon’s already comprised list of players featured on Twitter in conjunction with Twitter’s search function and put together this piece.

Without further ado…



@EKaneATL9 I just created the @EKaneWPG9 Twitter account, can I get a RT?

@mkomisarek Why haven’t you tweeted lately?!  I thought you only disappeared on the ice? Can I get a RT?

@JohnCarlson74 Congratulations on being the second best Karlsson taken in your draft year. Can I get a RT?

Get @DanyHeatley on Twitter! Twitter is easier to use than cell phones in Kelowna. RT for Dany! Cc @SunDoniB

Hey @TheoFleury14, I just blew my entire last paycheque putting it all on red. Can I get a RT?

@CoreyHirsch Just heard LL Cool J on radio saw Bill Clinton in paper. Can I get a RT for things relevant in 93?

@BizNasty2point0 I’m more famous for things I do outside of work too, can I get a RT?

@EricFehr16 Just got home from hanging out with my more successful friends and am now sad. RT?

@tchorney41 I just went into work and no one knew who I was, Can I get a RT?

@RoryFitz4 I voted for a write in candidate at the last federal election but they fell short, can I get a RT?

@OshieTJ Called in sick the morning after my birthday, can I get a RT?

@ovi8 I just paid $200 for bottle service in a discotheque & all I have to show for it are lousy internet photos with bimbos, can I get a RT?

@RobSchremp Just came home from the bar and my junior moves didn’t work on anyone. Time to move to a new city and get a RT hopefully?

@RealDionPhaneuf I just did good. Can I get a RT?

@NHLShanny multiple franchises on last legs and I’m not the head of business development. Can I get a PHEW and RT?

@MRichie18 My nerd roommate just showed me how to stream tv for free online. Can I get a RT for a few pennies saved?

@EugeneMelnyk jinwehjwcbwbdhcubwhdb duvd2bvdgyqwvxvws YOU KNOW RT!

@bobcoleHNIC Just got a computer and started following “the Senators player” on Twitter, can I get a RT?

@commie22 I just got canned from work but got a SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET severance package! Can I get a RT?

Hey @Jeremy_Roenick @uptownhockey totally took the heat off of you last week, can I get a RT?

@OG_carbomb13 I just glued pubes to my upper lip, can I get a RT?

@MaxPacioretty67 Here’s to putting your neck out there regarding that Marchand nose tweet. Can I get a RT?

@GMMikeGillis I hate sitting near paying customers at NHL games too. Can I get a RT for separating the savages?

@uptownhockey @MikeFisher1212 Bartolo Colon used stem cells instead of invasive surgery to heal his shoulder. Can I get a RT? No?