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Rift Between Senators and Alfie?

It’s purely speculation at this point, but in his latest 30 Thoughts blog over at CBC.ca, Elliotte Friedman puts the following out there:

"23. Most bizarre story: Can there seriously be an issue between Daniel Alfredsson and the Ottawa Senators? Can you imagine Boston — now in need a right-winger — even being able to bid because this gets to Friday?"

By now we’ve all seen the hubbub from the Boston media this past season gushing over how Alfie would be the perfect fit for the Bruins. And conversely, over the same period of time, we’ve seen a proportionate amount of noise concerning Eugene Melnyk’s finances (or speculated lack thereof).
I don’t want too contribute to the Chicken Little stuff without knowing any specifics, but if Melnyk is as broke as some believe and it affects the organization’s ability to retain their captain, this is going to be one massive shitstorm for the organization to deal with.
Update 6:33 pm: 


The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch tweeted the following earlier this afternoon. If Alfie cannot come to an agreement with Ottawa by the end of the day, other NHL organizations could potentially complicate the process since they will be permitted to talk to Alfredsson as early as 12:01 am tonight.