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Rinkotology – Get Your Action

Bloguiin brothers in arms The Pens Blog are running a playoff fantasy hockey game that they’ve used a couple times before, for the 2010 playoffs and the 2010 Olympics, and although we weren’t invited, from what we hear it’s been pretty successful and a lot of fun. The added incentive is they’re giving away $3700 in cash prizes, including a $1000 grand prize.

What better for way for Sens fans to soften the blow of watching the playoffs from the bleachers. Sens fans should be pretty good at guessing odds by now so we should have no trouble with this.

Real easy, something even I could figure out and I’m terrible with this stuff.

You pick one player per team and get points based on how well he does; game goes through the entire playoffs.

You can visit  http://rinkotology.com for more details.

The Pens Blog post about Rinkotology is here.

Hook it up.