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Roots Knows The Senators Logo Sucks




Crisis averted gang! The people spoke and the corporation relented, all is right in Ottawa once more.

But the scientists at Roots aren't idiots, they know what we all know…

The Senators logo sucks, it just stinks period. No matter which garment you affix it to, I guarantee it will lower the aesthetic value. I think Uni-Watch said it best in August:

"Anyone else out there think the Sens usually look an AHL team that took a wrong turn on their way to the minor league arena?"

Now I'm not here to say Roots is god's gift to fashion, I can't say I've ever bought anything there myself. But if Roots brand identity is anything — it's a kind of classic Canadiana. And while the Senators are quite clearly of Canada, there is nothing classic about this…

Sometimes it takes an outsider to speak a truth the locals have been wary to voice. 

So spare Roots your ire, and direct it instead at the organization for saddling us with a logo no self-respecting fan would argue pleases his/her eye.