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Senators Heritage Classic Jersey Leaks

(Photo: via Icethetics)

The Senators organization has to be pretty cheesed right now. When the organization announced on November 17th that a new Heritage Classic jersey would be unveiled to the public on November 28th, it caught a lot of people by surprise. 

The fact that no one was truly expecting it reflected the organization's fantastic job of keeping its secret so closely guarded. 

But, like Jacob Barrette's black jersey design before it, a sports store made the mistake of putting the jersey out on its floor one day before the Senators were actually supposed to unveil it. 

Icethetics had this to say about the leak:

Icethetics ready Kevin Daly spotted the OTTAWA SENATORS 2014 Heritage Classic sweater in an unnamed sports store today and snapped a picture for us. The jersey is scheduled to be unveiled by the team tomorrow — so it probably shouldn't be hanging out in the open like this yet.

Although it's unfortunate that the surprise was ruined, even though I believe most expected it to be the reverse coloring of Barrette's design, at least the jersey looks pretty damn good.

Barring a miraculous return to the organization's original 2D jerseys, it wouldn't be surprising to see the organization use this black and white heritage set as replacements for their gaudy set of home and aways that they've been using since 2007.