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Senators Organization Clears the Air on Assistant Coach Situation

After Gord Wilson’s mid-game observation that the Senators had switched the coaching responsibilities of its two assistant coaches – Mark Reeds and Dave Cameron – the news fuelled a ton of speculation as to the rationale behind the decision.

This season has been an exercise of one bad thing happening after another on the ice and off of it, so when Paul MacLean refused to address the reason(s) why Reeds and Cameron had switched roles, it did not really help matters or curb the interest in the matter.

With only 15 games remaining on the schedule, from an outsider’s perspective, the timing certainly reeked of a desperation play designed to help shake things up and help rectify their defensive coverage issues that have plagued the team for the duration of the season.

Fans were left wondering whether this some performance related decision or worse, that it was a decision that came from a higher authority instead of MacLean.

Paul MacLean eventually cleared the air at practice this morning by stating that Mark Reeds has a condition that requires a medical procedure and that it will keep him away from the team for a time. MacLean concluded this segment of his media availability by asking reporters to respect Reeds’ privacy.

Well, don’t we all feel like assholes now?

Thoughts and well wishes go out to Mark Reeds and his family and friends.