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Sens On Docket To Play Heritage Classic In Vancouver

For some time, we have known that Ann Arbour would host an outdoor game to make up for the lockout wiping out the one that was previously scheduled for this season. And while there have been rumblings of additional games in cities like Los Angeles, nothing really seemed certain until tonight's Insider Trading segment which discussed a prospective series of NHL games that would be played outdoors during the 2013/14 season.

Considering how much revenue these types of events generate, it's not a surprise to see the league try and profit on this venture. It is however somewhat surprising to see the Senators be mentioned as an opponent for the Vancouver Canucks in the Heritage Classic game on March 2nd, 2014.

There's been talk of the Canucks hosting an outdoor (indoor?) game at the newly refurbished BC Place for a few years now, and considering Ottawa and Vancouver are the only Canadian teams (save Winnipeg) yet to play outdoors, this matcup seemed a little inevitable. If not in Vancouver than maybe at a refurbished Landsdowne in 2017.

Of course the caveat here is that this schedule of events is subject to change, but man, it'd be fantastic if this came to fruition. Would we see special new/old sweaters from the Sens and Canucks, or would they just wear their "Heritage" and Millonaires duds?

Road trip, anyone?