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Sens Extend Greening – 3 Years, $2.65M AAV

When SensChirp first had inklings of a Greening extension back in July, I said:

“Compared to 2011/12 Greening had a down year (albeit a good postseason). A pending unrestricted free agent next summer, if the organization feels he’s worth committing to, now is probably the time to do it. I haven’t really given too much thought to what he’s worth, partly cause I’m not sure what he is. What do you pay a utility guy who can play up and down the lineup? And for how long?”

Suffice it to say I’ll be very interested to see what he gets, same goes for Cowen’s extension.”

Had Greening gone to unrestricted free agency next summer I would not have been surprised to see him receive a Stalberg sized contract offer (4 years at $3M). So with that in mind, I think the Senators did okay here. The term is reasonable, the dollars are reasonable, and if he gets minutes on the top line again there could be value above that $2.65M AAV. This is also a very tradeable contract should the Senators decide to do so in the future, there is always demand for big, strong, “character” guys that can skate who have demonstrated ability to play alongside skilled players.


This contract runs through his 28, 29 and 30 year old seasons.

As this site has remarked before Greening’s production away from Spezza isn’t great, a topic Yost examined as well this week. That said, even playing on a lower line I still think this is a player capable of 15 goals and 30ish points over 82 games. Among forwards last season Greening faced the 6th hardest opposition, if he could build on that and become a true tough minutes player that’d be a bonus. We’ll see.