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Sens Sign Mike Lundin – 1 year, 1.15M$

I think it’s safe to say the Senators have already won the day locking up Mike Lundin on a one-year, one-way contract paying 1.15M$.

*endless laughter*

But seriously, after looking up Lundin’s numbers this may actually prove to be a decent signing for a depth defenseman, especially if the alternative was bringing back Matt Carkner.

While he only played 17 games in the NHL last season due to abdominal injury, his recent tenure with Tampa shows him playing against decent quality of competition – comparalble and in some cases higher than what Karlsson and Kuba faced last year. His zone-starts have also averaged in the low 40’s which goes to explaining why his possession metrics don’t jump off the page.

2007-08 23 TBL 81 0 6 6 -0.226 50.4 -4.6 16 33 0.0 13:48
2008-09 24 TBL 25 0 2 2 0.224 38.5 -8.4 4 8 0.0 16:39
2009-10 25 TBL 49 3 10 13 1.270 43.0 -8.9 18 42 7.1 21:57
2010-11 26 TBL 69 1 11 12 0.709 41.0 -15.4 12 55 1.8 20:24
2011-12 27 MIN 17 0 2 2 0.888 40.4 -3.1 4 9 0.0 20:12

Carkner Signs In Colorado…or no he doesn’t

This deal isn’t officially done yet, but it is expected to go through. Gotta say I didn’t think Muray had it in him to let go of Carkner and his swaggerin’ local ways. Credit to the Sens for recognizing he was a declining asset.

Scratch that.

Konopka Signs in Minnesota

For all of Konopka’s much-talked about faceoff prowess, he’s an awful possesion player. So the fact he’s going to a terrible possesion team in the Wild seems apt. Jesse Winchester as long as he’s healthy is an upgrade on Konopka’s minutes, better to be a little worse faceoff guy who wins more battles elsehwere on the ice. I will admitteldy miss Konopka’s SENSTV hosting duties razzing Jared Seinfeld.

Senators Sign Andre Benoit

The Senators have signed former Binghamton Senator Andre Benoit to a one-year deal worth a NHL salary of $665k. After a one year sojourn in the KHL I have to imagine Binghamton is happy to get back a good verteran AHL d-men like Benoit. They certainly missed him last season.