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Game Day Thread — Senators Vs Thrashers
The Four Game Losing Streak (22-20-4) Vs We’ve Won Once In the Last Ten Games (19-19-6) @ 7pm ET, Philips Arena; Television: Rogers Sportsnet
After the team’s last loss to the Florida Panthers on Saturday, the players had a team only meeting after the game.  Obviously they understand the importance of getting back into the win column but when the Ottawa Citizen’s James Gordon comes out and publicly admits that it’s January and tonight’s game against the Thrashers is the biggest game of the season, you better perk those ears up and believe it. Speaking of Gordon, here is the link to his prediction panel and here is what I had to say in it…

Senators 1, Thrashers 3

With the Rangers, Canadiens and Bruins still to come on this five-game roadtrip, the Thrashers (1-6-3 in last their past 10) represent the best opportunity to win. Regardless, until some of Ottawa’s healthy bodies return, I’m going to be hard pressed to pick them to win. I can’t even think of anything funny to say. I’m that depressed that I’m picking Atlanta to win.

Regardless of what happens tonight, here’s a look at the Senators schedule for the rest of the month of January…
Tonight’s Lineup: Shannon-Regin-Kovalev; Foligno-Fisher-Neil; Ruutu-Kelly-Cheechoo; Smith-St. Pierre-Donovan. Pascal Leclaire will be back in nets for the Senators.
OT & Shootout Record
Believe it or not, Ottawa has a record of 7-4 when the game goes into an extra frame. Is Ottawa’s record inflated? Discuss…
Attn Bryan Murray:

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Kings’ cap space and war chest of talent have once again made them a logical (i.e. media-speculated) destination should Kovy be traded. Helene Elliott writes that the Kings would only want Kovalchuk as a long-term prospect and not a rent-a-star. Rudy Kelly is trying to figure out what a trade for the Russian star would cost, and believes a good starting point is Jack Johnson. ~ Battle of California, h/t to Puck Daddy

So if the LA Kings want to go for it and move a young NHL defenceman like Johnson to bring in Kovalchuk, it might be a good idea for Bryan Murray to investigate what kind of return he could get from them for a guy like Volchenkov. What’s fair value here?