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#19 Remains In Ottawa, Team Travels To Pittsburgh




Having dispatched the Canadiens in an efficient 5 games, there was some hope in the intervening time between series that a certain number one center could find this way back into the lineup. Like with Cowen and Karlsson, the organization of late has been doing its best to under-promise, and the script seemed to be similar with Spezza.

1. Player resumes skating with team

2. Team downplays significance

3. Player is in the lineup hours later

Nevertheless, that MacLean isn't ruling him out of Game 2 is a positive sign, especially considering what had been months of raised expectations, false-starts, and the information black hole that followed on his condition. There has even been a little chatter on the interwebs recently that he may have also had an issue with his knee, maybe that comes out later?

If the Leafs win tonight, Garrioch is suggesting that Game 2 won't go until Sunday at 3pm (oh how i loathe matinees). But the upshot of dragging out the schedule is affording even more time for Spezza to get right and in game shape.

Bonus video from Sunday via Daniel Slater of Spez skating and dangling to tide us all over…

This video doesn’t exist