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Spezza To Have Surgery Friday, Out Indefinitely

The cone of silence in the organization surrounding Jason Spezza's condition was lifted this morning.

Bryan Murray announced that Spezza is scheduled to have surgery Friday to repair a herniated disc. Murray was hopeful it wouldn't be the end of his season and that Jason could return late in the regular season, or for the playoffs.

It should be noted, Spezza underwent surgery for a herniated disc once before in 2006.

Post -surgery at that time, this is what he had to say:

"I think I can make big strides this summer, but I can do nothing for the next couple weeks, I can't lift (weights) for four weeks. It's not going to be much of a summer, really. Just rehab."

At this point you just to have to hope the surgery goes smoothly, and that an 8-week rehab timetable is realistic. As was noted on the broadcast Tuesday, the Senators record sans Spezza in recent years isn't exactly fantastic. Although a good number of those losses came prior to the Turris acquisition. 

No Cowen.

No Spezza.

This is going to be interesting…