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Stuck Between Stations

Yesterday, I made an offhand remark that touched upon Kyle Turris’ exclusion from the 36-man training camp roster in Binghamton.

If you follow the Team 1200 ‘s Shawn Simpson, you’ve inevitably come across one of his tweets that has wished that, in the event of a lockout, Turris would choose to play in Binghamton making up for ice-time lost in his contract dispute. He'd have to sign a Professional Try-Out (PTO) with the B-Sens to evade waivers, but this is exactly the route Chris Neil took in 04-05.

It's an interesting idea but to this point the organization and Turris haven't spoken of it, an already crowded Binghamton forward corps may be a factor as well. Still, Simpson raises a valuable point that gives cause for concern.

Turris, like the bulk of Ottawa’s roster, is too old to simply be placed in the AHL; but he has not created enough of a name for himself to draw interest and solicit offers from overseas (prove me wrong EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams!). 

With many of the European leagues putting quotas on the number of locked out NHL players that they can sign, many of Ottawa’s players will be left twisting in the wind.

Lacking the European roots (ie. Daugavins, Regin, Michalek, or Gonchar) or the high-end talent that some of their teammates (ie. Spezza and Karlsson) have, the concern that much of the roster won't be in an environment to hone their skills is a real one.

With Alfie playing the role of a domestic dad and Michalek being injured, save Karlsson, who else on Ottawa’s roster is capable of finding a contract elsewhere?

Maybe Scott's right when he says, "expect Anderson to land where the ladies are finest", but in all likelihood, fans of the Senators have to be hoping for a short work stoppage for more than just their love of the game.

It’s simply in the best interests of the team’s progression.