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Surreal Prospect Porn – The Emergency Recall Edition

So a few days ago, Bryan Murray indicated in a media scrum that he would like to see Robin Lehner get into a couple of AHL games this weekend before making any kind of further judgment regarding a potential callup. Well, throw that plan out the window.  Pascal Leclaire is physically unable to backup Brian Elliott tonight and the organization had to call up Robin Lehner on an emergency basis.

Considering how often Pascal Leclaire has gone down with an injury, I’m more shocked that everyone close to this team is as surprised as they appear to be in light of this recent turn of events. Don’t get me wrong, Leclaire’s recent setback borders on ridiculous. However, this is Leclaire that we’re talking about.

On the positive side of things, I expect that Lehner took the news a little bit better than he took the non-icing call against the Russians during the World Junior Hockey Championship semi-finals. I guess Daniel Alfredsson can have that talk about professionalism with Robin a little sooner than he would have anticipated.

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