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I received the following from a user from the popular HFBroads Senators forum. The picture features the Penguins’ NHL Guardian Project super hero alongside his trusty sidekick.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Alfie being traded to a Cup contender if he was a UFA and if he was on board, and IF they committed to resign him to play, or in the organization after the season.  He needs to retire a Senator.  If they traded him now with 2 or three more years left, he would not be coming back, family moving away, etc. The fact is that when they signed his last extension, they all but said it was a retirement contract and that he would be a Senator for life.  There could not be a return that would make up for his loss. ~ Cup Run Scott

I can think of a number of trade possibilities that would make up for Alfie’s loss. All are completely unrealistic.

First off, Eklund is an idiot just thought I’d cement that some more.  As for Alfie, if he went to Murray today and asked for a trade to a contender I will have absolutely no problem with it, he’s a great player who has done so much for this team and city and deserves another crack at the Cup.  I’d even cheer for him to win the Cup with the Flyers and Capitals even though I really hope it’s more Red Wings or Canucks.  On the other hand, I will absolutely not accept Murray to go to Alfie and suggesting a trade.  I find so many people dislike Bourque because he went after the Cup, I personally have no problem with it and if Alfie wants the Cup he has every right to chase it elsewhere. As for the return, it would have to depend on the team and what kind of prospects they have in their system. ~ Dew

The easiest way to get something published at The 6th Sens is to refer to Eklund as an idiot in the first sentence of an email.

Of all the players on the team with NTC’s, I find it funny that Alfie doesn’t have one (or does he). And as much as it’ll hurt to see him play with another team, I would do it. But if Ottawa trades Alfie, then the rest of core needs to go as well. There’s no way this team can justify rebuilding by trading Alfredsson and keeping the current core intact. If Alfie goes, then Fisher and Phillips need to go as well. I know Spezza’s contract makes him hard to move, but if there’s an offer on the table that looks good, then the Sens should take it. Blow up, start all over, and build a new franchise. ~ Crooklyn Banks

Personally I would be bothered by a trade. Alfie has been such a huge part of our team for such a long time, I can’t imagine us without him. He may not be Crosby or Ovechkin but he has been a great captain and I really, really, REALLY would not want to see him go. With that said, I think Alfie deserves the Cup more than anyone right now, and if that means him going to another team….then I guess I would be okay with it. I would love for him to win the Cup with us, but let’s face it, that’s NOT happening. Basically if the team has a REALLY good chance at winning the Cup soon, and that’s what he wants, than he deserves it. It’s like Ray Bourque, it was amazing to see him lift the Cup and I would give anything to see Alfie do the same. ~ Chantel

A few days before Mark Sutcliffe, of the Ottawa Citizen, published a look at how little bang for the buck the Sens were getting, a reader named Ike sent me an email that determined how much money Ottawa was spending in correlation to their projected point totals. At the time, I promised the reader that I would publish his email. Last night, he sent me an updated version of his work.

Team                        Pts     Projected Pts*  Payroll**          $ per projected pt 

Atlanta               51           92.93           $41,733,547         $449,085.84

Colorado            50           93.18            $42,624,623         $457,443.90

Tampa Bay         57          106.23           $49,426,965         $465,282.55

Dallas                 57          106.23            $52,041,788         $489,897.28

Nashville             52           101.52           $50,553,742         $497,968.30

Vancouver          62           121.05           $61,861,500         $511,040.89

Philadelphia        59            115.19           $59,158,272        $513,571.25

Phoenix              51             97.26            $50,035,282         $514,448.71

St Louis              46              89.81            $46,652,271         $519,455.19

Detroit                59            112.51            $59,606,636         $529,789.67

Carolina              48              93.71            $50,467,733         $538,552.27

Pittsburgh           58            105.69            $59,234,578         $560,455.84

Washington        55            102.5               $57,947,626        $565,342.69

Boston                53            103.48             $59,222,771        $572,311.28

NY Rangers        53              98.77             $57,070,569         $577,812.79

Chicago              51               92.93             $54,932,295        $591,114.76

Los Angeles        47               91.76             $54,995,082        $599,336.12

Anaheim             52                92.7               $55,822,051       $602,179.62

NY Islanders       33                66                  $41,234,245       $624,761.29

Florida                40                 80                  $49,981,603       $624,770.04

Montreal             51                 95.05            $60,064,445       $631,924.72

Minnesota          47                 89.63             $58,426,607       $651,864.41

Columbus           43                82                    $54,088,461       $659,615.38

San Jose            47               87.59                $58,058,199       $662,840.50

Buffalo               41               80.05                $54,729,829       $683,695.55

Toronto              40                78.1                 $54,311,693       $695,412.20

Edmonton           33                 66                   $46,384,498       $702,795.42

Calgary               41                 78.19              $63,340,008       $810,078.12

Ottawa               38                 72.47              $58,953,024        $813,481.77

New Jersey        24                46.86                $64,710,725        $1,380,937.37

*Projected Pts: current point total divided by games played multiplied by 82 (Pts/GPx82)