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The 6th Sens Podcast ft. @HockeyScanner and @RobVollmanNHL

The 6th Sens Podcast is a lot like Bobby Ryan.

Every time I get around to recording new episodes, I keep saying that I’ll keep at it and improve, but circumstances unfold and I’m unable to fulfill whatever expectations there are.

This time is different however.

Think of it as the 2017 playoff version of Bobby Ryan. There won’t be any regression. I promise.

The intent is to run a weekly or bi-weekly podcast that I’ll spend talking with @creecher1200 or other weekly guests. For this episode, I didn’t have Creech to record with, but I spoke at length with Postmedia‘s Wayne Scanlan discussing Bryan Murray.

From Murray’s legacy to his lasting impact on the organization and to the greater Ottawa community, we discussed how important the former general manager’s presence was for this city and how he’ll be remembered.

Following the interview with Scanlan, I talked to NHL.com and ESPN Insider‘s Rob Vollman who recently published his latest hockey annual — Hockey Abstract 2017. It’s Rob’s fourth annual and like its previous iterations, Hockey Abstract 2017 looks at hockey statistics and breaks them down into an accessible guide that any type of hockey fan can enjoy.

Hockey Abstract 2017 is available for purchase on Amazon.ca and further information on it or Rob’s other works can be found via HockeyAbstract.com.

You can also follow Scanlan (@HockeyScanner) and Vollman (@RobVollmanNHL) on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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