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The New Scoreboard Is Here! The New Scoreboard Is Here?

It appears SBP’s infamous antique scoreboard will be no more as soon as next season. Credit Sens Town for the scoop right here *hat tip*. Further digging reveals a press release dated November 10th, 2010 proclaiming:

“The Ottawa Senators have become the first NHL team to engage AJP’s services as they move forward with multiple technology upgrades in ScotiaBank Place for the 2011 season. AJP will be designing LED displays for the arena bowl including a new center hung video display, as well as audio and distributed television systems”

Now we’ve heard nothing offically from the organization…yet, so in the spirit of cautious optimism let’s just take a second to recap the Sentaors narrative on this most important of issues.

January 20, 2010

In a post titled “Sens Hedging on New Scoreboard“, Mendes gets both Melnyk and Leeder on the record:

Melnyk “It’s a big investment, but it would add a lot of excitement. It is something we’d like to do, there’s no question about it,”

Fair enough. And to further explain Cyril offered this 3-point rationale: 

“1. Cost – This is one of the most expensive endeavors for an arena. The cost for a new scoreboard like the one at the Bell Centre is in the neighborhood of $7 million.

2. Technology – Some (not all) teams are upgrading to HD technology, but it may be superseded in the next two years by a new format.

3. Fan Demand – “When they are given alternatives, they would rather see money applied in other areas”

Can’t quibble with his first point, and his third point is hard to argue absent the numbers. His second point however is pretty suspect, at the time of Ian’s article I’d wager 26 of 30 teams had HD scoreboards. As for the illusions to a “new format” your guess is as good as mine. Ultra-High Defintion is still in it’s infancy at least 7-10 years off, and 3D remains a novelty

September 15, 2010

The Senators are awarded the 2012 All Star Game. No sooner had that announcement been made were fans surmising that surely the NHL had made a new scoreboard at SBP a condition of hosting this marquee event. Unfortunately Garrioch was swift to crush that air tight logic…

October 8, 2010

But wait, in an appearance on the team1200 weeks later the Euge’ seemed to contradict himself…weird right?

A change of heart? Arm-twisting from the NHL? Euge’ being Euge’? It didn’t matter, we was getting a new TEEVEEZ.

March 2, 2011

Fast forward a few months and the Senators are holding a season ticket conference call. The blog was present on the line to dutifully sum up the goings on…

“A fan named Noel calls in to complain about the state of the current scoreboard and wants to know when a new one will be in place. Cyril indicates that the team is still looking at concepts and that a new board will be in place within 2 years.”

This walking back to a 2 year timeline is where the organizaiton has stood ever since, many media appearances and “fan hot stoves” have come and gone with no new updates. You’d think from the Sens perspective if a new scoreboard were being installed it’d make sense to have that news public when the push is on to renew and sell new season tickets.

So what to make of these sexy renderings? I”m certainly more confident of a new scoreboard at SBP this fall than I was yesterday. But I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s fait accompli, the record above alone is reason to be sceptical. That being said this news will force the Senators to comment on the matter, I suspect we won’t be waiting long.


 The Ottawa Sun followed up with team spokesman Brian Morris Friday night. More or less it’s a non-denial denial. Make of it what you will:

“On the design they have, I can’t confirm or deny what that is, or where it is in any process, but I can tell you, essentially, we have been working with them,” added Morris.”