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The Euge Is Back

Eugene Melnyk’s alter ego is back!

One month after his subdued appearance on The Fan 590, that bravado spewing, eternal optimist, super-fan is back!

The Euge is back!

In a hilarious Ottawa Sun article that includes a headline that refers to last year’s Canadiens squad as Stanley Cup finalists, The Euge, according to Don Brennan, is as optimistic as ever. He believes the Senators can be this season’s Montreal Canadiens.

“Look where Montreal was a year ago. I remember exactly. I was skiing in the Laurentians and reading the Gazette, and everybody was just absolutely killing them. And where did they end up? Look how far they went in the playoffs. Don’t underestimate this team, or the heart of this team. Or the experience. I think, most importantly, their will to win. These are tough, tough guys.”

Oh, where to start…

1) The Euge might remember but apparently Sun Media doesn’t remember. Cup finalists? Ha.
2) How crazy is The Euge for skiing while reading the Montreal Gazette? That’s more irresponsible than Donnie Brennan texting in his contributions to the Ottawa Sun’s Digital Faceoffs while driving.
3) The Senators can be this season’s version of the Montreal Canadiens? Sorry, when did the organization lower the bar from the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup?
4) This year’s Canadiens? Is that the same club that Marcia Di Michele of the National Post wrote that no one can honestly deny that the biggest reason the Habs sat one series win away from the Stanley Cup was the man between the pipes. 25 year old Jaroslav Halak, in many games, literally put the entire Canadiens team on his shoulders and lead them to victory. He shut down some of the best players in the NHL, and did so with a calm presence, looking unfazed despite playing for one of the most storied franchises in NHL history.
5) Thanks to The Euge, I now have my answer for every time I pick the Sens to lose in James Gordon’s prediction panels for SenatorsExtra.com. Today, I question this team, their heart, their experience and their will to win.
6) It’s hilarious to see that Melnyk’s listing Ottawa’s intangibles as reasons why no one should count them out. No mention of their talent level though…

The Euge apparently wasn’t finished…

“Put on your seatbelts,” Melnyk told Hockey Night in Canada’s Elliotte Friedman Saturday. “We’re going all the way this year.” ~ Via Bruce Garrioch, Off the Posts

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