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Tim’s Take on the Senate Reform

You know, you gotta wonder if ‘Senate Reform’ is not the most brilliant idea for the Senators.

1. It shows that the Senators are aware of their internet presence and are trying to expand it. This is a big step and a very cool idea, if it’s true. I sincerely hope we start seeing some Senators players on Twitter in the near future. I wonder what will happen with the B-Sens guys who currently use it if/when they get promoted?

2. It allows them to control the content pertaining to their inner workings. Surely it would have been approved somewhere internally before it went to air. For such a tight lipped organization it’s a perfect scenario where they can cater to the audience who digs the behind the scene type shows but maintain total control over final content. It’s brilliant.

3. The ‘Hope for the Future’ sales pitch is in full effect. For a team that is gun shy about the ‘R’ word (rebuild) as of a few months ago, coming out with a show to spike interest in the draft named ‘Senate Reform’ really just opens the R-word jar and throws it all over the room.