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Offseason Object of Affection – TJ Oshie

If you’ve been a regular visitor of this website or follow us (@6thsens) on Twitter, odds are that you’ve probably noticed me man-crushing on what Kyle Turris has been able to do in limited minutes for the Phoenix Coyotes over the past few months.

Rather than pen another piece that chastises the manner in which Dave Tippett utilizes his roster’s young talent and neglects player development for short-term success, I figured I would use this opportunity to look at another player who would be a fantastic for the Senators – restricted free agent center TJ Oshie.

Admittedly, I don’t even know if St. Louis is listening to offers on him but they may be more inclined to see what teams are willing to offer after Oshie missed a team practice late in the season and was suspended for two games for his “unexcused absence”.  And as The Hockey News’ Lyle Richardson explains, the Blues could have payroll complications if management is expected to keep its payroll close to next season’s anticipated floor of $46 million while the club is up for sale.

As St. Louis Today reported, Oshie’s had somewhat of a chequered past…

As a junior at North Dakota, he was suspended for one game in January 2008 after being arrested for disorderly conduct. New Hampshire senior Mike Radja, now playing in Germany, also was arrested in the incident which took place at 2:28 in the morning.

At the time, Oshie was serving probation for a previous arrest, a situation in which he and teammate Jonathan Toews – now with the Blackhawks – were arrested for being minors in a bar.

His talent however, is unquestionable.

And in the days when professional athletes are fighting cabbies over 20 cents or are implicated in dog fighting scandals or are sending pictures of their cocks to female journalists, Oshie’s endeavours pale in comparison.

Besides, who hasn’t missed a day of work because they were too hungover to function properly? 

World Championship Lines 

Per TSN’s Brent Wallace, here are the line combos and defensive pairings for Team Canada:



As Tim mentioned on Twitter, it probably won’t take too long for those top two lines to be broken up. They’re less defensively reliable than Frank Lessard is during his summer league season.

Ottawa Likes Huberdeau?

According to one CBC.ca mock draft by Mark Seidel, the Senators have scouted Saint John’s (QJMHL) Jonathan Huberdeau more than any other team.