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via Pierre McGuire: Bobby Ryan Digestion History

Bobby Ryan had a slight off year in 2012/13. His shooting percentage was the lowest of his career while his goal, shot and assist per game rates were the lowest since his rookie season, stemming in part from only seeing the ice for 16:35 a night after averaging 19:01 the previous three seasons.

Those looking for further explanation got it this morning when Pierre McGuire made his first appearance on TGOR since the big trade:

"…and I don't know if Bobby wants this out there, but I'm gonna put it out there anyway in the interest of proper information dissemination. Bobby Ryan was sick most of last year. And he had a really tough time with an illness that they eventually found out…they traced it believe it or not to a trip that he took over to the far east. And if was something with his digestive system, and it was a real problem for him. He's healthy now, he's a hundred percent, and I know he's really excited about being there, really really excited. I mean did ya give up a lot? Absolutely. But to get a player at that age with that kind of talent you have to give up a lot. And I think it's going to be great for Ottawa, I really do. … And I think he can have better numbers, especially after they found out about this illness. I don't know how much or even if that's been reported yet, but he was sharing that information with me and I was floored that he was even able to play through some it. I think this is a great move for Ottawa, again I know they had to pay a lot but I think it works out. … He was sick for good portions of last year, so I think Bruce was probably getting frustrated cause he couldn't find this guy to get his name to another level. And a lot of it was because he was ill, and I know he had a long talk with Bobby Murray the general manger in Anaheim about it."

Not sure Bobby wants it out there either, but it's out there now. Anyone's numbers can look funny in a short season, and Ryan's production didn't drop off too dramatically, but it does ease concerns to know there was at least one mitigating factor at play.