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VIDEO: Karlsson Skates!

The above footage comes via CBC's Dan Seguin, who according to Sylain St. Lauent just happened upon this skating session by accident at the Sensplex earlier today:

"…after the workout the Canadian women's hockey team. It seems that he fell on Erik Karlsson, who skated under the watchful eye of the consultant Marc Power."

Google Translate is a little crude, but you get the idea. Now Karlsson was injured on February 13, and at the time the shortest timelines for recovery being thrown around were 3-6 months (though others were talking 12 months before he felt 100%). So who knows what to make of this, but you can't help but feel optimistic watching that video.

Especially considering this was the word 12 days ago:


….obligatory Karlsson Song to increase healing powers: