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VIDEO: MacLone Speaks – “This Was All A Put-On”

While Mike Watson wasn't willing to come clean to Mendes, he was Tuesday, holding court with the local media and dropping the pretense of just being some innocent bystander in l'affaire DOPPELSTACHE. The whole interview is worth watching, but here's the gist:

– It wasn't until his "No. 2 brush cut" last year that "everything kicked in" with the heightened resemblance.

– On if he sat intentionally behind MacLean, "Of course I did, of course I did."

– On his plan the day of the game, "Let's get a suit jacket and a shirt and tie…and let's have fun."

– On fan reaction at the game, "I was actually walking out of the washroom and a guy grabbed my face right here and wanted me to take my mask off. … He thought I had a mask on."

– On if he'll be back, "Do it again? Ah, probably not."

– On what he liked best about the past 24 hours, "Being at the game. That was the best part of it all for sure…and them winning, it was a good game."

– On if he was acting alone, "They (the Senators) didn't have anything to do with that. Like you might have heard on the radio on 1200 they were saying they weren't sure if the Senators had anything do with this or not. They had absolutely nothing to do it. Nothing whatsoever."

– Would he like to meet Paul MacLean? "Sure.", and what would he say to the man?, "Pleased to meet cha….maybe go for a beer, take him out for lunch."

– On if he think Paul's a good looking man, "Unbelievable, unbelievable how good looking he is."

This guy is good people.