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Erik Karlsson Is Terrible At Throwing Hockey Sticks

Some Swedes use emoticons to express emotion 😉

Some feign throwing broken sticks into the crowd. 

Others just throw the sticks. 

Perhaps 'throw' is too strong of a word. Following yesterday's SM-Liiga match against TPS, Jokerit's Erik Karlsson slung his stick along the ice in the direction of the referees while both of the Finnish league teams were stationed around center ice awaiting the customary Finnish post-game ritual of Shrove Tuesday – the lighting of a bonfire comprised of discarded Christmas Trees.

Makes you almost wistful for the days of Carkner intervening on Karlsson's behalf. 

The lack of velocity behind Karlsson's toss was frankly unsettling. It was too much 'this is how we pick teams on the during shinny on the lake' and not enough, 'Fuck you and your lack of integrity ref'. 

To the video to see how it all went so wrong: 

A much better account of the incident can be found in the SM-Liiga's disciplinary decision:

1. Statement of the facts

Match administrator has set a disciplinary handling the situation TPS-Jokerit game, which the administrator of the match will determine a match penalty Jokerit Erik Karlsson of the referee's integrity violation of rule 550 F basis.

This situation shows the match footage. After the game, when players are in the group kättelyrivistöön, Karlsson throw his mail towards referees. Bat glides across the ice Jokerit blue line referee the area where the line judge to stop the flow of the club.

A disciplinarian has reserved a statement to Karlsson.

2. Applicable rules and the reasons for this choice

The rule book rule 550 F 1-point according to the player who deliberately touches the hand or racket, hold, push or tackle, either by hand, with racket or her body, to trip, waving or banging the manner in which any match of the jury members sentenced to a match penalty (OR).

Video recordings show that the mail Karlsson throw his match in the direction of the judges. In my view, Karlsson, the activity involves the player tuomarituomintaa point of the demonstration. I believe that the club fell swoop breach the integrity of the referee's rule in 550 F 1 meaning.

Violation of the integrity of the referee is always a punishment for a match penalty. Karlsson performed by throwing a racket in my view, one game ban worthy offense.

3. Solution

Erik Karlsson, the number one game suspension. Karlsson is Suspended for Jokerit in the next match 18.12.2012 Lock-Jokerit.

4. Appeal

This decision may be appealed to disciplinary group of disciplinary rules under Chapter 7.

5. Date and signature

                      Hämeenlinna, 12 December 2012

                      Sampo Liusjärvi

                      League disciplinarian

I think Karlsson should appeal on the basis of some inconsistencies in the evidence. What did he actually throw; mail? A bat? A racquet? 

Karlsson clearly needs some representation here. If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.