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Who Wants To See A Scary Graph?

So it's still very early, we're only through 16% of the schedule. But as opposed to the early efforts vs Anaheim and San Jose, I'm finding it really hard right now to write off allowing 57 shots (new franchise record!) to the 2013/14 New York Islanders, at home no less.

In 13 games this season the Senators have allowed 50+ shots 3 times, in the previous 1576 games of the franchises modern existence that happened exactly…3 times.

This is a shit defensive team at the moment.

Below is straight shot differential per game for all 21 Senators seasons:

I have to believe the roster is better than what they've shown so far, but it won't be early that much longer. Not hard to get buried in the race if this porous play keeps up for another week or two.