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28 Days

Four weeks from tonight, Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks will be locked in a battle of wills, false starts, holding penalties, and missed field goals with James Franklin’s Vanderbilt Commodores.  Given the history of games between these two teams, it will mostly consist of Spurrier oozing frustration that his more talented team can’t build a three-touchdown lead over an inferior opponent, and Vanderbilt doing Vanderbilt things that keep them in the game and then ultimately knocking them out of the game.

While it won’t be the most visually pleasing form of college football, it is still college football, and we welcome it in the same manner in which we do when we see Point Break is on TV and haven’t seen it in a really long time.  Of course, the only problem with that analogy is that, while Point Break meets our emotional needs, it typically does not cause the degrees of wailing and gnashing of teeth that our teams do throughout the season.  Though, when Gary Busey gets shot, THE PAIN IS PALPABLE.

To celebrate the end nearing in our eight months-ish of finding something else to do with our time, we begin a 28-day countdown to the start of the season.  The number of days remaining will have some tie-in with college football, but I’m making this up as I go, as if there was any other way, so I haven’t really thought past this sentence.  This is mostly an excercise in making me do something here every day, so I’m sure everything will go quite swimmingly.

Anyway, to the countdown:

The number of Olympics judges Jackie Sherrill has persuaded to see his view of things.