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EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Bray Jet Ski Photo

Tyler Bray, recently in the news for apartment complex bro moves, appeared in court today as a result of some Fourth of July jet ski bro moves.  From one article on that day’s bro moves:

“According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer Dewayne Williams, Bray was driving a Jet Ski with a woman passenger when he was observed by Williams “hot dogging” with another Jet Ski.  Williams explained the term “hot dogging” as “almost like playing chicken” on Jet Skis.

The other Jet Ski tipped over spilling the unidentified occupants into the water.  Bray then sped near the swimmers “spraying them with water,” according to Williams, who added “he was almost on top of them.'”

Through the dedicated field work of Belly of the Beast correspondents, I am able to provide a picture of said jet ski incident:

Bray was charged with a misdemeanor for reckless operation of a personal watercraft (IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY?) and a misdemeanor for not having a boating education certificate (PSSSHHH).  To avoid any serious penalties, Bray agreed to take part in some public service work, pay fines, and lose his boating privileges for a year.  So worry not, fans of interceptions, we won’t be deprived of the one quarterback who could make a run at Jevan Snead’s magical 20 interceptions that happened during the 2009 season (BACK-TO-BACK COTTON BOWLS FIRST TIME IN 50 YEARS PLEASE SET FIRE TO YOUR OWN HOME).